We asked, you told us: You really don’t like WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy

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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has really shaken up its users at the thought of just how much data the messaging app collects and shares with its parent Facebook. On its part, WhatsApp tried calming the waters by assuring users that their private chats are safe. However, its efforts have been unconvincing so far because its damage-control messaging contradicts the actual language in its privacy policy.

So a few days back, we asked you — our readers as well as Twitter and YouTube followers — about your thoughts on WhatsApp’s controversial privacy update. You had to choose one of four options — you’re are okay with the new terms, you feel you have no option but to accept them, you’re not okay and will stop using WhatsApp, or that you’ve already switched to another messaging app. Here’s how you voted in our poll.

What do you think of WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy?


With just over 42,000 votes, your sentiments towards WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy are quite clear. You don’t like the platform’s new terms at all.

Taking into account all the votes on our poll across our website, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, 44.3% of the respondents said that they don’t like WhatsApp’s changes but feel that they don’t have any option but to accept them. That goes to show how popular the app is and how many people are unwilling to ditch it just yet.

Meanwhile, 26.6% of the voters came out to say that they don’t like WhatsApp’s latest privacy norms and will stop using the app. Even worse news for WhatsApp is that 18.9% of the respondents in our poll said that they’ve already moved to another messaging app.

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Only a fraction of our poll takers — 10.11% to be exact — said that they’re okay with WhatsApp’s policy changes.

Here’s what you had to say

BlackSh33p: On one hand, here in the US, most of my family members use iPhones so they don’t even know what WhatsApp is. On the other hand, a few friends have Android and are immigrants, so they stick to WhatsApp. I’m leaving regardless, but I’ll try to convince my friends to switch to Telegram.

DBS: I’m moving friends and family to Telegram (Signal is far too naggy with the codes. I know the moment they bother them with constant requests for the pin, people will simply drop it as they’re not willing to put up with that). I don’t see a way for us in the EU to opt-out of anything on WhatsApp either, though. So unless that is addressed and, indeed, we’re given the option to opt-out, I’m ditching WhatsApp when the time comes when I’m forced to either accept Zuckerbots new privacy-violating terms.

Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: Moving friends and family to Telegram? That’s not an easy thing for me to do since only a handful of my friends use Telegram. The rest are only relying on WhatsApp.

Allexio: Making my family move to discord. I’m just glad I happened to have pushed them to move to it before this happened so now I can safely delete my WhatsApp and still keep in contact.

@TrendyBossy: I switched Signal and none of my contacts were there.

@JJs_playground: People, you have a choice, switch to signal. I just did and everybody I know is on WhatsApp. But, I have convinced a few people to switch and will convince others to switch too. Let’s teach Facebook a lesson.

@BalanceEven: Trying to get everyone to move to Telegram. I am getting lots of notifications there over the last few days of many of my contacts migrating to Telegram also. It also has more features. Time to bury WhatsApp.

@Bfg26: It just shows you that we as the people think we can’t change the system. If everyone just moves to a new app you will see how quickly these companies change how they do business.

@MrMathewJr: I might switch to Signal or Telegram, but it’s difficult to get family and friends to move as well. It’s do-able but it’d definitely take time. Until then at least, what choice do I have?