The Galaxy Book 2 Pro made Samsung’s ecosystem worth my time

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When you hear the name Samsung, you don’t typically think of laptops; you think of foldables, smartphones, or even their watches and TVs. Samsung as a brand has a strong legacy, so much so that a college of mine recently made a case for why it deserves to be the “face of Android.” As the company has grown in popularity, so has its portfolio of devices and the interconnectivity between them. The Galaxy ecosystem is growing.

I have owned Samsung phones since the Galaxy S8 and only bought my first pair of Galaxy Buds last year, but I never expected to use a Galaxy laptop. The Galaxy name carries the weight of high expectations, but the promise of a portable PC that could double as a central hub for my Samsung products was appealing. At the end of my experience, I found the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro to be a reliable work machine that has quickly become the central orbit of my Galaxy devices.