Survey: Tell Us How 2020 Shaped the Future of Your Mobile Games Business

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Calling all mobile game publishers and developers—Sensor Tower is partnering with Deconstructor of Fun to conduct our first-ever state of mobile gaming industry survey, and your opportunity to participate in it and secure a free copy of the full report upon release is less than five minutes away.

The events of 2020 precipitated a sea change within the global mobile app ecosystem. The mobile games industry in particular saw a profound impact as millions of first-time consumers ventured into the space, sending category-wide adoption and revenue hurtling months (and even years) beyond previous projections. These changes can be measured in the overall performance of the market and individual game titles, but there’s also a side to this story that can only be told by gauging the impact on publishers, developers, and other businesses tied to this thriving sector.

How Did 2020 Impact Your Business?

In order to present a full picture of 2020’s impact on the mobile gaming industry, Sensor Tower is in the process of building a comprehensive, survey-based report. We’re looking at not only the state of business in this space during the past year, but how the unprecedented events shaped decisions for the rest of 2021. The first stage of this process is hearing from you.

By clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to a quick, five-minute survey on your company’s experiences in 2020 and outlook for 2021. The responses from this qualitative and quantitative survey will be analyzed by Sensor Tower’s Mobile Insights team and presented as a report, a portion of which will be made publicly available in the coming weeks. Survey respondents will receive the full report for free as our thank you for participating.

Want to contribute your company’s views on the industry along with hundreds of your peers and receive a free copy of the final report? Just click here or on the button below to begin the survey. Thanks for participating!

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