Sensor Tower’s Q3 2020 Data Digest: 100 Billion App Downloads and Counting for 2020

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q3 2020 Data Digest

Today, we released our Data Digest for Q3 of 2020—an expansive, free report covering global trends in the mobile app ecosystem. While not quite reaching the highs of the prior quarter in terms of downloads, it’s clear that the mobile app economy in 3Q20 was still performing at an outsized scale due to the lasting impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior.

Business and gaming apps continue to see impressive returns in both downloads and revenue, a sign that consumers are still relying on their mobile devices for both work and play throughout the day. For the first time ever, the app stores surpassed 100 billion total installs for the year by the end of Q3.

Plus, we break down TikTok’s success in spite of government regulations, the explosive rise of social mobile game Among Us, and how education apps have filled in the gaps for remote learning.

Chart showing overall worldwide app downloads for Q3 2020 in the App Store and Google Play

See the latest analysis from the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence platform. This report also includes:

  • Rankings of top apps, games, and publishers on the App Store and Google Play during Q3 2020.
  • Analysis of the top categories across both app stores, plus their year-over-year growth.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of successful genres in the Games category.
  • The return (and recovery) of the Sports category on mobile.

Download the report, in PDF form, below:

Download Sensor Tower's Q3 2020 Data Digest

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