Sensor Tower’s Q2 2020 Data Digest: Global App Ecosystem Sets New Record with 37.8 Billion Downloads

Cover of Sensor Tower's Q2 2020 Data Digest

Sensor Tower’s latest quarterly Data Digest investigates the mobile app ecosystem’s unprecedented growth during Q2 2020 with an in-depth exploration of the mobile apps, publishers, categories, and stories that contributed to its record-breaking 37.8 billion downloads. Containing data from our Store Intelligence platform, this free report explores how COVID-19 has affected consumer behavior across major markets, causing downloads to skyrocket in categories like business apps as well as the continual interest in mobile games.

As remote working and socializing became the new norm for many consumers, categories like Business, Social Networking, and Games were propelled to new heights. It also deflated other categories such as Sports, Travel, and Navigation. This analysis, along with which categories and specific apps have performed well in top countries, is just part of our special coverage contained in the digest.

Chart showing the growth of App Store categories following 200th COVID-19 case

Read the latest analysis from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform. This report also includes the following and more:

  • Rankings of top apps, games, and publishers on the App Store and Google Play during Q2 2020.
  • Analysis of the top categories across both app stores, and their year-over-year growth.
  • Which mobile games have experienced outsized success in the past quarter.
  • How the Business category generated the most downloads it has ever seen.

Download the report, in PDF form, below:

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