Sensor Tower’s 2020 Education Report: COVID-19’s Profound Impact on App-Based Learning

State of Education Report

We released an in-depth report on the Education category to our enterprise customers last month that offered a nuanced assessment of how mobile is meeting the challenge to educate children and adults worldwide. Today, a sample of the report is now available for free, and you can learn how the category is shaping up to be worth more than $2.5 billion annually by 2022.

How are mobile education developers adapting to the changes brought about by COVID-19, which has facilitated a rush of demand for high-quality mobile content and learning tools? Our report explores this subject and more. Plus, we outline which major companies are benefiting from creating content for those who have yet to hit school-age, and how adults are turning to online learning to fill time.

Worldwide Education App Trends 2020

See the latest category analysis from the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence platform. This report also includes:

Forecasted revenue and download growth for the Education category through 2022
Rankings of top apps and publishers within the Education category on the App Store and Google Play for Q1 2020
Analysis of regional trends in the Education category
An in-depth look at language-learning apps

Download the report in PDF form below:

Download Sensor Tower's State of Education Apps Report

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