Sensor Tower Acquires ActionDash and StayFree Mobile Apps

ActionDash and StayFree App Logos

In the wake of fundamental changes to the mobile app landscape, it has become even more crucial for app makers to understand the audience for and engagement with their apps, along with those of their competitors.

It’s with this in mind that we are excited to announce the recent acquisition of two mobile apps into the Sensor Tower portfolio: StayFree, a convenient, user-friendly phone usage reminder app, and ActionDash, a privacy-minded phone health app, both available for Android. In addition to acquiring these mobile apps, the developers of StayFree will be joining the Sensor Tower product and engineering team.

The acquisition of both the StayFree and ActionDash apps will strengthen Sensor Tower’s data offering and build upon the accuracy of our platform, which already outperforms those of our peers in mobile analytics. The anonymized app usage metrics shared by these apps will enable our enterprise customers to better understand mobile user behavior around the world, and allow our team to deliver a greater array of important insights to trusted media and other institutions.

While Sensor Tower has previously developed our own mobile apps to support our usage data offerings, this shift in strategy speaks to a commitment to enhancing our services in a more transparent manner without acquiring data from third-party vendors. StayFree’s data collection has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed to ensure that it meets industry-standard best practices for data sharing and user privacy, and ActionDash is an award-winning app that highly values its users’ privacy. These acquisitions strike an important balance between achieving highly accurate data and transparency in the aggregation of user-provided app metrics.

We intend on upholding the privacy-centric tenets of ActionDash—which is serverless and does not collect data automatically—while inviting its users to safely share anonymized data with Sensor Tower. Users will always have a clear option if they choose to share anonymized data, and, if they choose not to, they can still use the product for free.

“From the beginning, we were impressed with StayFree’s secure and accurate mobile usage data, and ActionDash’s privacy-focused commitment to mobile health,” says Oliver Yeh, co-founder and COO at Sensor Tower. “We’re excited to bring these technologies into Sensor Tower, and to work on delivering even more safe, accurate data on mobile usage to our customers.”

Both StayFree and ActionDash are available for free on Google Play. Current and new users of the apps will be notified of their change in ownership via an in-app notification, at which point they will be given the ability to opt in or out of sharing anonymized usage metrics with Sensor Tower.

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