See Granular Usage Trends for the Biggest Apps with Sensor Tower Consumer Intelligence

Sensor Tower Consumer Intelligence

In the couple years since the release of our Usage Intelligence platform, Sensor Tower has become a trusted resource for understanding the major trends in user behavior on mobile. During this time, mobile apps have played an even greater role driving how consumers work, play, and connect with friends and family. The key metrics around this engagement—time spent, open rate, and retention, among others—serve as leading indicators to determine which businesses are climbing on mobile, and which are poised to capitalize on user trends that may lead to major success.

It’s with this expertise in mind that Sensor Tower is excited to introduce Consumer Intelligence, a first-of-its-kind platform for the financial sector that offers unprecedented access to mobile usage behavior of the world’s largest publicly traded mobile companies. Unlike other products within Sensor Tower’s Mobile Success Suite, Consumer Intelligence derives its user-focused signals from a proprietary panel specifically designed to deliver unfiltered metrics. This true-to-life data is critical in setting benchmarks, measuring success, and understanding user engagement on some of the most high-profile apps today.

Let’s dive into Consumer Intelligence’s nuanced look at user behavior, and how its signals can put context to usage trends among certain audience segments.

How Our Panel Works

A result of months of dedicated research and implementation, the proprietary panel of users that power the Consumer Intelligence platform is built on millions of installs of Sensor Tower mobile products. Our mobile user data collection system is fully anonymized, GDPR compliant, and adheres to strict privacy and security standards outlined by legal and privacy experts.

It’s through this highly vetted and meticulous process that Sensor Tower can provide a clear image of real-life mobile usage behavior without any modeling or projections. Consumer Intelligence relies on data quantity in order to produce an accurate picture of mobile behaviors, so the platform only displays confident data reports from the dozens of popular apps that meet adoption thresholds for inclusion.

Sensor Tower Consumer Intelligence Time Spent

In addition to showing the general audience of a given app, Consumer Intelligence also offers pre-segmented user groups based on the aggregate users of smaller apps within a given category. So, in addition to segmenting users by their engagement on TikTok, for example, you can view insights relating to the behavior of an audience cohort that has downloaded and opened any of the top fitness apps currently available. As a result, Consumer Intelligence offers a variety of ways to slice a particular user base and make critical inferences about how certain groups of consumers adopt major apps.

As our panel continues to grow, Sensor Tower will be introducing additional apps and audience groups over time. That way, Consumer Intelligence will continue to provide data on the trending apps and groups that are shaping the mobile app ecosystem.

Inside Product Features

Armed with the rich, real-life data provided in Consumer Intelligence, the platform itself offers a variety of different data views to help answer critical questions that are common in the financial sector. These views offer ample opportunity to create benchmarks that better qualify an app’s engagement success with a given user group:

  • Engagement Insights: Identify user trends by examining apps via time spent or session count. How does Netflix’s session count compare to SVOD behaviors among users overall?
  • Cohort Engagement: Compare the size of different groups or apps based on user behavior. Do users of TikTok spend more time in Tinder or Bumble?
  • Cohort Retention: Measure the “stickiness” of an app by viewing week-to-week retention. For example, how has Pokémon GO retention changed in the wake of a brand new live-ops update?
  • Time of Day: Break down user behavior on a per-hour basis. Are Discord users more likely to engage throughout the day, or tune in only during key time periods?
    Because Consumer Intelligence offers real-life overall behaviors of an app’s audience, granular analysis can lead to some powerful conclusions. In turn, those in the financial sector can derive significant value from Sensor Tower’s data confidence and make key portfolio-building decisions as a result.

Leading the Way for Finance

We’re proud that Consumer Intelligence is at the forefront of how mobile analytics can influence, impact, and augment critical investment decisions for the mobile app economy. This product was years in the making, fueled by thoughtful conversations with our most trusted clients from all corners of the financial services world, and continues to be a long-term project for our team.

Sensor Tower Consumer Intelligence Retention

This is simply the first of many bold steps forward to creating a new series of data signals based on true-to-life usage behaviors. We look forward to pioneering more data views that help our clients gain even sharper pictures of the overall health and performance of major mobile app businesses, and nurturing our panel to maintain high-confidence data sets.
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