See Four Key Q4 2020 Updates to Sensor Tower’s Platform

Q4 2020 Sensor TowerProduct Updates Recap

Looking back on 2020, Sensor Tower experienced increased momentum in the development of our comprehensive mobile analytics platform. This past quarter, we provided an inside look at a new chart view, Share of Voice to Downloads, which visualizes the correlation between ad visibility and app performance across the App Store and Google Play globally. But our team has been hard at work on other updates that have made our platform more robust, flexible, and easier to use for our dedicated enterprise customers.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent updates to our platform, and what they mean for your workflow with Sensor Tower.

Introducing ARPDAU Global Fields

One of our newest metrics, Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), is now available across the entire Sensor Tower Mobile Success Suite as two useful Global Fields. This metric, which determines the revenue per daily active user, is a critical benchmark that helps your teams exactly how much spend is occurring among competitors’ most engaged users.

ARPDAU’s availability across all Sensor Tower products makes it a go-to in understanding value and impact for a variety of use cases, including product design trends, user acquisition, and competitive analysis. Add it to your favorite views or Custom Dashboard to gain new insights on how competitors’ apps (or a cohort of your choosing) are implementing strategies that lead to increased user spend.

For example, if your team is utilizing Ad Intelligence to identify the impact of a competitor’s paid campaigns, leveraging the ARPDAU Global Field will also show how those campaigns correlated with spikes or dips in per-DAU revenue. This way, you can identify which competitors are employing an effective ad strategy that encourages their core audience to spend more, and possibly adjust your own paid campaigns as a result.

Improved Custom Fields and Tagging

Speaking of customization, Q4 2020 saw a series of helpful and important improvements for Sensor Tower’s Custom Fields. This feature, which is leveraged by many of our power users who spend time creating their own groupings of apps to monitor and track, has seen numerous quality-of-life updates that make tagging on the platform easier than ever.

For users who rely on Sensor Tower’s Custom Batch Tagging feature in order to efficiently tag subsets of apps with Custom Fields, two major updates were released over last quarter. First up was the ability to create custom fields directly within the Batch Tagging component, creating a better overall workflow for users. Additionally, users are now able to batch tag all unified sub-apps. This means that searching and tagging one app with a particular Custom Field will now trigger all associated sub-apps—including localized, “lite,” and iOS/Android versions—with the same field.

Q4 2020 Sensor TowerProduct Updates Recap - Custom Fields in App Overview

Finally, for those users who apply multiple custom fields to a single app, Custom Tags are now available directly within App Overview. Now, any app that’s been tagged with a Custom or Global Field will feature a summary from within the App Overview page, allowing your team to easily confirm whether targeted apps are included in cohorts.

This series of updates is primarily intended to create better, more efficient workflows for the power users that have come to rely on Custom and Global fields to tailor their Sensor Tower experience. The sum of these individual improvements is a much simpler and faster method for configuring the Sensor Tower platform for your needs.

Ad Intel Offerwalls

As detailed in our previous product wrap-up, Sensor Tower recently added support for IronSource playable ads within our Creative Gallery. Now, our Ad Intelligence product is able to detect when ads utilize IronSource and TapJoy offerwall capabilities.

Offerwalls, a unique in-app monetization strategy, allow an app to offer users rewards for completing certain actions like registering a username, completing a targeted quest, or making an in-app purchase. Now, Ad Intelligence users will be able to see which apps support these specific types of ads with two Global Fields. With this view, your team will be able to identify the offerwall-enabled apps with the most engaged audiences by using new fields in our Usage product.

Q4 2020 Sensor TowerProduct Updates Recap - Offerwall Support in Ad Intelligence

App Overlap Overhaul

Our engineers also made a series of critical data and usability improvements to our Usage Intelligence platform, specifically in refining our App Overlap feature, during Q4. In addition to our Data Science team implementing improved calculations, App Overlap now supports apps on both iOS and Android.

On top of offering 1 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day, and All Time app overlap views, App Overlap can also cater its view to help users achieve unique interpretations on the data. For example, users are now able to use the “Filter Off Small Apps’’ view to remove apps with smaller user bases from the Overlap view. Additionally, they can select “Match By Country Distribution” to ensure the user base is aligned by locality.

These updates have opened up significant utility for App Overlap, adding critical value to Usage Intelligence and giving your team even more ways to understand user habits.

On to 2021

It’s a new year and we’re excited to bring even more important updates to the Sensor Tower Mobile Success Suite. Please continue to follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about the improvements our team is making to the Sensor Tower platform at the feature, product, and platform level.

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