Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra revisited: The good and bad over six months later

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Samsung entered 2022 with a bang, launching its flagship Galaxy S22 series before the end of February. While the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus felt like iterative updates (albeit very capable ones), the premium Galaxy S22 Ultra was a power lover’s dream with its Galaxy Note-inspired design and features. It quickly established itself as one of the best Android phones you could buy, but has it stayed there? Let’s look back at one of the best phones from early 2022 in our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review revisit.

I should say before we get into it that I’ve never considered myself a power user when it comes to smartphones, instead prioritizing a more balanced — and slightly smaller — device when I’m lucky. However, with some work events and personal travel planned for the summer, I figured it was time to see what Samsung’s productivity powerhouse could do. I popped my primary SIM into the Galaxy S22 Ultra, wedged the massive phablet in my pocket, and set off to experience the best that Samsung has to offer.