Ring showed us how it’s making the humble intercom smarter

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Ring Intercom

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

With its new Intercom, Ring is aiming to do for apartment owners and renters what it’s already done for those who live in houses: provide an easy way to communicate with whoever rings the door. The company announced the product at IFA 2022 and we were able to check it out in action and see what it’s all about.

First, picture this. You’re not home and you get a call from a person delivering something to you ahead of time. Or from the handyman who was supposed to check the faulty solar panel installed on your building’s roof and who kept ignoring appointments, then showed up the one day you decided to step out (this one is a true, personal story). What do you do? You ask them to randomly try other apartments in the building, you scramble to figure out a way to let them in, or you stall them until you’ve rushed back home.