New Garmin satellite device allows you to text anywhere, even with no service

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Garmin InReach Messenger Lifestyle 4

Credit: Garmin
  • The Garmin InReach Messenger uses satellite communication to give you the ability to text from anywhere.
  • The device will automatically switch you from Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite connections, taking out all the guesswork.
  • It starts at $299 and requires a subscription that will control how many texts you can send each month.

Garmin’s InReach products are designed for extreme adventurers. They allow you to stay connected with SMS messaging, get GPS tracking and navigation, and send out an emergency distress signal — all while never needing a cell tower.

However, since these devices do so much, they are very expensive. Additionally, what if you’re not an extreme adventurer but would love a way to stay in touch with folks while you’re away from a cell tower? Why would you need all the other aspects of an InReach device? Enter the Garmin InReach Messenger, which focuses mostly on the messaging aspects of InReach products and drops the price significantly.