Leak: Spotify is finally getting local music playback on mobile

OnePlus 7T music playback spotify

  • Spotify is apparently planning to support local music files on your phone.
  • The feature was spotted by frequent leaker Jane Manchun Wong.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world right now, owing to its huge library, music discovery features, and free tier. One major feature missing from its mobile app is local music playback though, but it looks like the feature is in the works.

Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot on Twitter, revealing that Spotify will let users show their locally stored audio files in the Android app’s library. The implication is that these local files can be played in the app. Check out the image below for a better idea of what to expect.

Spotify local music support jane wong

Credit: Twitter/Jane Manchun Wong

There’s no official word on a timeline for this feature to be pushed out to users, but we’re guessing that it isn’t more than a couple of months away from release.

Local file playback would nevertheless be a major and long-overdue addition to Spotify’s mobile app, especially as YouTube Music (and the recently shuttered Google Play Music) supports this feature.

This new feature would therefore put an end to a rather pesky workaround encouraged by Spotify (spotted via Android Central). Right now, the music streaming service advises users to import local files into the desktop app, create a playlist with these tracks in said app, and then download it via the Spotify mobile app.

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