Here’s what the Pixel Watch costs for the Wi-Fi model

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Google IO 2022 pixel watch fitbit integration

Credit: Google
  • A leak suggested that the price of the Wi-Fi edition of the Google Pixel Watch could be between $250-$350.
  • A source has now backed up the leak claiming the price will be $349.
  • The watch is expected to be available in Obsidian, Chalk, and Hazel

Earlier, we reported on a leak that seemed to reveal the pricing and color variants of the Wi-Fi edition of the Google Pixel Watch. Now it appears a source has corroborated some of these details.

According to 9To5Google, a retail source has contacted the outlet to further verify today’s leak. However, this time there’s a specific price point instead of a range. The leak suggested the Wi-Fi model of the Pixel Watch is somewhere between $250-$350. The source that reached out 9To5Google claims that the price will be $349.99.