Google Lens can now help students with difficult math homework

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  • Google Lens can now decipher difficult math problems and equations.
  • Google Search is also adding a number of AR models of STEM concepts to Search.

Google Lens has now become a lot more useful to students struggling with math homework.

Announced in a blog post, the tool can now help users decipher difficult equations and problems on the fly. After snapping a photo of the problem through Lens, users can scroll through guides and explainers that’ll simplify and outline the process. The system is powered by math service Socratic.

Lens isn’t the first math homework tool we’ve seen in recent years, but it does add a convenience factor for owners of Android devices. If you don’t particularly want to use Lens, there are a number of math apps available to teach users integral skills.

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Beyond numbers, Google’s also adding AR models of “nearly 100 STEM concepts” for biology, chemistry, and students of other sciences.

Those with compatible devices can use Google Search to access the models. “If students search for ‘Quantum mechanical model,’ they can view a 3D atom up close and use augmented reality (AR) to bring it into their space,” says Google.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, education remains a heavily disrupted segment of daily life. With students in many parts of the world unable to attend places of learning, that learning needs to be done at home. These digital tools will likely make students’ lives a lot easier.

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