Google Camera 7.4 brings handy video-focused tweaks

The Pixel 4 gets better video zoom with Google Camera 7.4.

  • The Google Camera 7.4 update has landed on the Play Store.
  • It brings a quick-access video resolution toggle, as well as 8x zoom for videos on the Pixel 4

The Google Camera app has made some impressive strides over the years, bringing several major features to the table. Now the Google Camera 7.4 update has reportedly been released on the Play Store, and it packs a few neat (albeit not game-changing) additions.

The new update (, spotted by 9to5Google, brings an easier way to switch to 4K video resolution on Pixel phones. Previously, users had to dive into the camera settings menu and select the desired resolution here. But now, you can simply hit the arrow in the viewfinder and the 4K video resolution toggle will be available in the resulting pop-up window.

It’s worth noting that the legacy option to change frames per second is still present in this window, but disappears when you choose 4K.

This isn’t the only addition to Google Camera 7.4, as the update also lets you zoom in up to 8x while recording video on the Pixel 4 (up from 5x). It’s believed that this change is helped by the fact that the Pixel 4 offers a 2x telephoto camera.

For what it’s worth, I wasn’t able to install this latest version of the app from the Play Store on my Pixel 4. But the update I installed (version does indeed offer 8x zoom.

XDA-Developers also dug into the new version’s code and found hints at support for the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5. This is to be expected of course, thanks to numerous Pixel 4a leaks and Google traditionally launching a top-tier Pixel phone in October each year.

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