GameClub for Android launches; over 100 games for $4.99 a month

  • GameClub is available today on Google Play for $4.99 a month.
  • A free trial is available to play over 100 games on the service.
  • GameClub is designed to bring back games that are no longer updated.

Some of the best mobile games of all time are available as part of the GameClub subscription service. The app is officially available on Android now. It comes packed with more than 100 games, which is a pretty solid value.

The mobile gaming landscape is continually evolving, and the new trend seems to be subscription services offering large quantities of games for one monthly cost. Android has Google Play Pass, and Apple has Apple Arcade. Outside of the two official subscription services is GameClub.

GameClub is a subscription designed to bring back some of the best mobile games in need of a resurrection. The service takes unplayable games that were released over the last ten years, works with the original developers, and makes them playable again.

It first launched on iOS in October of last year, and after many requests, it’s finally available on Android for the same $4.99 subscription fee. iOS users can access the games on both platforms for one subscription, which is a tremendous value proposition when compared to the other subscription services on mobile.

When putting GameClub head-to-head with Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, all three services cost $4.99 each, so GameClub falls right in the sweet spot. GameClub has just over a hundred games available. Google Play Pass promises “hundreds” of games, and Apple Arcade is similar to GameClub in terms of quantity, featuring over 100 games on its service. Like Google and Apple’s offering, the games on GameClub don’t have ads, in-app purchases, or any extras on which to spend money.

Of course, the difference between GameClub and the other two services is where the games come from. Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade are mostly filled with more recent games. With GameClub, the games are older games that have been brought back from the dead, though there are some new releases made specifically for the GameClub.

GameClub has some well-known games available, including some that have never been available on Android before. Games like The Heist, Gravity Hook, Toki Tori, Frozen Synapse, and Spider 2 are just some of the gems included with the $4.99 a month subscription.

In terms of overall value, GameClub on Android and iOS is right on par with Apple and Google’s offering. Bringing back forgetting gems is a great mission, and it’s an excellent way to preserve games that would otherwise be lost to history.

GameClub on Google Play

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