Enjoy Three New Updates to Sensor Tower’s Platform

Sensor Tower Platform

Over the course of the past several months, our product and engineering teams have been working extensively to create highly requested product updates and features unique to the Sensor Tower platform. In addition to the release of our newest product, App Teardown, a fresh update to Keyword Downloads, and the implementation of regional filters in Top Apps, our team has also introduced a variety of smaller UI and quality of life improvements during the first two quarters of 2020.

Here’s a short list of some of the accomplishments our team has made recently, and how they improve your experience on the Sensor Tower platform.

App Teardown Improvements

App Teardown is Sensor Tower’s latest product and has already received many quality updates since its launch in March. The App Teardown product is designed to help teams better understand otherwise hidden features within apps, and its users may have already noticed that the data filtering has increased in variety, accuracy, and specificity.

Sensor Tower App Teardown SDK Detection

Since launch, App Teardown has been upgraded to support a number of additional SDKs within its SDK Detection feature, including but not limited to Facebook Login, React Native, and CleverTap. Additionally, App Teardown is now able to detect SDKs in more apps than ever before. Our teams have also made improvements to the detection of already supported SDKs including Unity and Tenjin.

As our newest product, App Teardown will continue to receive more significant upgrades in the coming quarters, with quality improvements and feature additions already planned.

Filtering Improvements in Custom Dashboards

Another notable improvement delivered in Q2 2020 focused on the ability to filter apps within a popular cross-product feature, Custom Dashboards. With Custom Dashboards, users can create a unique data set that’s persistent and easily shareable, saving time on manual searches and analysis. While Custom Dashboards could already be created based on metrics such as app revenue and download estimates, an update last quarter expanded their efficiency for power users of our product.

Sensor Tower Custom Dashboard

Specifically, Custom Dashboards that utilize data from Top Apps for our Store, Usage, and Ad Intelligence products now possess the ability to leverage Custom and Global Fields. Initially only available for use with our App Intelligence product, the ability to leverage Custom and Global Fields in Custom Dashboards makes it easier than ever to segment data based on needs and preferences. It’s especially useful for developing Custom Dashboards that deal with data sets across products—for example, filtering apps in the Games category that have Unity SDKs installed and have generated more than a specific amount of revenue.

The addition of filters across Custom Dashboards will provide a vast new level of customization for dashboards, and especially benefit users who subscribe to our full suite of Sensor Tower products.

Unified Data Improvements

A final notable upgrade to the Sensor Tower platform in the first half of this year encompasses a series of updates focused on unified data. When viewing app and publisher-level data in Sensor Tower products, users have the ability to delineate metrics for one of our two supported app stores, or see unified data to understand consolidated performance across both the App Store and Google Play. However, unified data is challenging to model while maintaining accuracy, and therefore isn’t available in all views.

A number of updates over the past six months have opened up the ability to utilize unified data in new ways. Firstly, Sensor Tower’s Usage Intelligence product now supports unified data for Active Users, making it easy to see daily, weekly, and monthly user metrics across iOS and Android devices in a single view. For active user monitoring, this unified view is a major time-saver.

Sensor Tower Usage Intelligence Unified Active Users

Additionally, Custom and Global Fields now support unified apps. When selected, unified data will show the metrics of all apps and sub-apps, even if only one app qualifies in that view. For example, a major app such as TikTok includes global and device variants that may be listed in alternate categories or work for different devices. If any subset of TikTok’s apps fit the parameters set by Custom and Global fields, all of TikTok’s data will be presented under unified data. This new feature will prevent miscalculations on critical data such as downloads and revenue, and provide a clearer picture of how apps are truly performing globally.

The option to view unified data helps bolster Sensor Tower’s overall performance, making data easier to pull, comprehend, and distribute to stakeholders.

Looking Ahead

2020 has already been an exciting year for Sensor Tower and our product update cadence shows no sign of slowing. Please keep an eye on our blog to learn more about the improvements our team continues to make at the feature, product, and platform level.

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