Discover New Q3 Product Updates to Sensor Tower’s Platform

Sensor Tower Platform

As we head into the final quarter of 2020, we’ve worked hard to make critical updates to the Sensor Tower platform. This past quarter, we released two incredible games-focused updates: our Game Taxonomy feature and the addition of ARPDAU to our metrics. We also added another important enterprise integration to our platform, secure sign-in with Okta SSO.

In addition to these noteworthy features, our Product and Engineering teams have worked on important quality-of-life updates and other improvements that make mobile analytics analysis easier no matter how you use our platform. Here’s a short list of some of the most recent updates to our platform and what they mean for your workflow with Sensor Tower.

A major quality-of-life improvement within our Ad Intelligence product now makes it easier than ever for designers and UA professionals to understand the finer details of specific creatives within paid advertising campaigns. When analyzing a creative within Ad Intelligence, you are able to quickly share a direct URL that delivers even more details about the unit you’d like to examine. When sent to your teammates, the URL continues to apply the filters that helped surface the creative, giving critical context to how the unit was discovered.

Sensor Tower Ad Intelligence Top Creatives Details

This update allows teams to quickly and easily see important data about the rollout and popularity of a creative, while pinpointing the kinds of ads that fit your team’s criteria. By understanding the critical context of an ad’s presence on a given network, your team will have better vision into that ad’s performance beyond its creative appeal.

IronSource Playables Support

Another small yet mighty update to our Ad Intelligence platform is support for IronSource playable ads—another addition to our robust Creative Gallery. These specialized ad units, developed in 2019, allow advertisers to insert miniature demos into creatives in order to capture audience attention and offer a new level of engagement.

Your teams will be able to explicitly filter for these playables and see how they practically run in a mobile setting. This makes it easy to analyze the unit and understand the ways that it engages with users—a great way to research whether the unit type is right for your paid campaign objectives.

API Dashboards

We’ve developed a series of improvements to our API support for our Sensor Tower power users that help make engaging with our data easier to manage. Specifically, Sensor Tower now offers API usage at the seat level, with a new Manage Active Users page that shows you which members of your team have access to the Sensor Tower API and how often they are making calls for data.

Sensor Tower API Usage

Understand where and how your Engineering, Product, Data, and other teams are taking advantage of Sensor Tower’s API so you can ensure maximum efficiency on the platform.

Custom Fields Edit History

Our Product team introduced another power-user-friendly feature update last quarter that offers convenience and time-saving on our platform: a new Edit History modal for our Custom Fields feature. We heard from teams that they would like more solutions to manage Custom Field data across multiple teams, especially when working within the same field and making adjustments to the cohort of apps that comprise the filter.

Now, each Custom Field has its own Edit History, enabling a quick breakdown of important changes. This timeline will help your teams reduce friction and improve communication about data management, allowing for more important work to be completed.

The Home Stretch

We begin the final quarter of 2020 with our eyes on some ambitious features that reflect Sensor Tower’s commitment to the cutting edge of mobile analytics. Please continue to follow our blog, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn, to learn more about the improvements our team is making to Sensor Tower at the feature, product, and platform level.

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