Check Out Four Helpful Q2 2021 Sensor Tower Updates

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The second quarter of 2021 has been a major one for Sensor Tower, as we announced our acquisition of digital advertising analytics platform Pathmatics, bringing even more critical insights on the digital landscape to our enterprise customers. Even as we work towards a unified vision of cross-platform digital brand intelligence, our Product and Engineering teams are rolling out great updates across the Sensor Tower platform. From improved data flows and charts to exciting features for power users, Q2 brought plenty of upgrades across our Mobile Success Suite.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent updates to our platform, and how you can leverage them to your objectives.

Game Intelligence Comes to App Teardown

Last quarter marked the first expansion of our Game Intelligence taxonomy to another Sensor Tower product: App Teardown. Now, Enterprise customers can access SDK detection for games on a more granular level, breaking down popular technologies at the subgenre level and beyond.

Both modules within App Teardown—Top SDKs and SDK Detection—now include the ability to segment by Game Genre Taxonomy, as well as Setting, Theme, Art Style, and Camera POV. Incorporating Game Intelligence taxonomy filters within App Teardown allows users to quickly drill down into the different technologies game studios are implementing for their titles, and how those trends change depending on the kinds of games within the pre-selected cohort.

GI SDK Chart

For example, RPG games in the 2D Anime Art Style are highly likely to have the Facebook SDK installed—more than 80 percent of apps have the code detected—which means that it is likely the most common technology to leverage ads. On the other hand, 85 percent of RPG games in the 3D Anime Art Style have Unity installed, a sign that they leverage the SDK specifically for graphics capabilities.

Game Intelligence within App Teardown is one example of how we’re leveraging our unique Genre Taxonomy to better uncover trends within gaming. We’re excited to expand Game Intelligence’s capabilities within Sensor Tower, and deliver even more value to the gaming industry.

Search for Multiple ASO Keywords

For power-users of Sensor Tower’s in-depth app store optimization product, analyzing keywords is a critical element to understanding and optimizing organic user acquisition strategy. In March, we introduced a small tweak to our ASO platform that streamlined keyword analysis for users who need to understand how different keywords perform altogether: ASO for Multiple Keywords.

The feature is relatively straightforward: Sensor Tower customers using our Keyword Rankings feature can track both daily keyword rankings for any app or multiple keywords across multiple apps. These keywords are trackable across multiple countries, and there’s a way to view the traffic score, difficulty score, density, and downloads of all the keywords at once, rather than simply viewing a single one.

This change allows power users to chart performance of up to 20 keywords side-by-side, providing a broader picture of how an app is ranking and performing across multiple keywords for deeper analysis into the trends behind organic search optimization. The ability to access several keywords at once allows for better contextual performance, and shows how keywords perform against one another in key areas.

Sensor Tower is tuned into feature updates that allow for our most dedicated users to optimize their workflows. Multiple keywords within ASO is one way that we continue to serve this important group, and how we’re shortening the time it takes to get to important answers.

IAPs Now Available in My Sales Metrics

Last quarter brought another important update to Sensor Tower’s My Sales Metrics feature: a connected credential dashboard that allows users to see all their store data in one centralized location. We made some significant user updates earlier this year, including the introduction of the Insights Timeline and Unified Store Metrics. Now, Sensor Tower users that rely on My Sales Metrics for app monitoring will have an important new data point at their fingertips.

Companies with an app connected to My Sales Metrics, available for free with any Sensor Tower account, will see a new breakdown type, the In-App Purchases breakdown, which aggregates revenue by unique in-app purchase or subscription SKU. Additionally, there is a Product Type filter added to existing breakdown views, which enables filtering revenue by IAP, Subscription, or Paid Install for a higher level analysis of monetization.

My Sales Metrics IAP Chart

This change allows for an at-a-glance view of effective IAPs within your own app, as well as seasonal trends or changes that may affect your app monetization strategy. For example, are users gravitating to smaller or bigger purchases during live-ops cycles? Or, is a subscription method more effective than a more traditional IAP?

This new feature is one of many improvements to the My Sales Metrics dashboard, and the end result is a much more effective and informative platform for enterprise users.

Broader APAC Localizations

Language accessibility is one important element on the Sensor Tower Product Roadmap, and over the past quarter our teams have been able to improve the user experience for our growing customer base in the APAC region. We’ve made significant headway in localizing the Sensor Tower platform for better usability in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

First off, we introduced the initial phase of our Localized App Names project: All products on Sensor Tower now include app name translations for all apps where the publisher has provided a translation, comprising approximately 5 percent of all apps in the product. This is critical for APAC users, who often have localized names that are more well-recognized and utilized in their native language.

Secondly, our Game Intelligence product was recently updated with a localized interface for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Now, customers will be able to access all text elements of the Game Intelligence in these languages, including descriptors, UI labels, and definitions. This update significantly improves navigability and workflows for those in the APAC market, which has been a growing user base of our Game Intelligence product.

We’re looking forward to continuing this project this year, and ensuring that the user experience of Sensor Tower is consistent and enjoyable for our global audience.

A Year of Improvement

Throughout the rest of the 2021, we’re looking forward to delivering even more helpful features for our Sensor Tower Enterprise users. From better workflows and visualizations to more important data sets, there’s plenty more we’re planning on delivering throughout 2021.

Please continue to follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about the improvements our team is making to the Sensor Tower platform at the feature, product, and platform level.

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