A decade later, Samsung deserves to be the “face of Android”

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra One UI software apps menu

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
Opinion post by
Robert Triggs

In the almost 14 years since the launch of Android, many smartphone brands have come and gone. The unforgiving tides of market share continually rise and fall, yet one name has surfed clean through the barrel of the wave with nary a wobble — that’s Samsung, of course. Setting personal preferences aside, you have to admire that Samsung has held on to the top spot for as long as it has, and appears unassailable as the market transitions into new form factors and broader ecosystem plays.

Granted, that lead looked under threat when Huawei was quickly ascending the ranks, until the US backhanded China’s finest into oblivion. Samsung isn’t the top dog in every corner of the world either, especially when it comes to value-oriented markets. But when it comes to being the “face of Android,” there’s no company more in the spotlight than South Korea’s biggest multinational, not even Google. And that’s not just because it commands the lion’s share of the smartphone marketplace.