20 Best React Native App Templates of 2020 (Including 5 Free)

Do you want to build a single app that works for both Android and iOS? With React Native, your team no longer has to build a separate app for both iOS and Android. A single code base makes it possible to build your app once and deploy it everywhere. 

On top of this, React Native apps are coded entirely in JavaScript so that it is easier for developers to create an app using a language that they already know. 

However, while React Native has made the process easier, it doesn’t mean it’s simple. Building an app from scratch with React Native is still a lot of work!

That’s where React Native app templates come in. When using a React Native app template, your team begins their project with a solid code base, documentation, and a set of mobile app designs that can cut down on development costs immensely.

On CodeCanyon, there are many of React Native app templates to choose from. In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best React Native app templates available.

MStore Multi Vendor React Native Template

The Best React Native App Templates on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon has the best React Native app templates on the internet, with nearly 200 currently available. Ratings and reviews help to make sure you pick the right template for your project, and the extended support makes the template developers available to you should you need any assistance.

React Native app templates available on CodeCanyon

Check out all of the available templates on CodeCanyon now.

20 Best React Native App Templates (From CodeCanyon for 2020)

Let’s have a look at the best React Native mobile app templates available on CodeCanyon.

1. The Best-Selling React Native Template: Antiqueruby


 Antiqueruby is a React Native template app that is every app developer’s dream. This all-in-one react native app template is designed to save developers hours of work, by providing stylish and clever UI and UX react native components to customise their apps. 

Created using Material Design, it offers over 140 react native screens for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, and navigation. It’s no surprise that Antiqueruby has become one of CodeCanyon’s bestsellers in this category.

2. Best React Native App Builder: React App Builder

React Native app builders make it easy to create any kind of React Native mobile app. These are multipurpose tools that save development time and make it possible for even non-developers to build an app for iOS and Android. 

React App Builder
React App Builder

React App Builder is a multipurpose React Native app builder that helps developers and non-developers alike create any kind of iOS or Android app they want—chat apps, event apps, recipe apps, shopping apps, restaurant apps, etc. 

All you need to do is choose one of the available react native templates, edit and re-order the app’s more than 30 sections, customise the design, colours, and layout, add your content, and your app is ready to publish on Google Play and the App Store. 

3. Turn a WordPress or Shopify Site Into a React Native App With MStore Pro

If you already have a WordPress, WooCommerce, or Shopify site, a React Native app template can make it easy to turn that site into a mobile app.  

MStore Pro
MStore Pro

One of the most popular React Native app templates available at CodeCanyon, MStore Pro allows users to convert their existing online shop to a mobile store app.

The template requires no coding skills and is very easy to customise. It is fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, supports PayPal, Stripe, and COD payment methods, and allows users to log in with their Facebook account.

To learn how to create your own app with MStore Pro, check out our tutorials.

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4. BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro
BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro is a rather cool app that allows users to create a mobile app using any of the content on their WordPress site, including video, photos, and blog posts. BeoNews Pro supports both Facebook and Google logins, and it stores user data on Firebase that can synchronise between devices. 

5. EvaStore: React Native Shopify Store 


EvaStore is a React Native full application template that will help convert your Shopify online store into a mobile app. To help you do this, you can choose a react mobile template from a massive library of templates. In addition, they come in many styles, look and feel navigations. 

Directory Listing React Native App Templates

Directories are some of the most profitable online business. These directory listing React Native app templates help developers create profitable listing apps for their clients. 

6. ListApp: Best Selling React Native Directory App Template


Another relative newcomer, ListApp is a great React Native app template for developers looking to create an app with content that takes the form of lists. So if you’re interested in creating an app for the top restaurants, shops, or sights in a specific area, this is the template for you. Some key features available with this app are a map and booking features, social login, and the ability to track bookings.

7. Listar: Listing Directory React Native App Template 

Listar - Listing Directory React Native App Template

Listar is mobile React Native app template for classified directory listing industry. It is suitable for many kind of mobile directory listing like store locator, tourists or city guide, event and attraction places, even real estate applications. The design is quite simple. Its components were made with pure React Native without using extra libraries. So you can easily customize  it for your business.

8. DWT Listing: Directory Listing React Native App

DWT Listing Directory Listing React Native App

DWT Listing is a React Native app that gives you complete freedom to create any type of directory or listing website. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this app template. 

Trending Special-Purpose React Native App Templates

Sometimes your specialty app or niche can’t be covered by one of the generic templates. In this case, you might benefit from a special-purpose template that’s already geared towards your specific product or application.

9. GoFit Fitness App Template


If you want to create your own fitness app that covers all aspects of a get fit plan from nutrition to exercise, check out the GoFit app template. This React Native app template features a signup and login screen, main menu, workouts, exercise, recipes, blog, levels and goals, body parts diagrams, and equipment—in other words, everything you need to create the best fitness app.

10. Oreo Fashion—Full React Native App for WooCommerce

Oreo Fashion Full React Native App for WooCommerce

OREO is a bestselling React Native app template that is perfect if you want to build mobile applications for owners of physical stores. OREO is also the best choice for converting an online store into  a WooCommerce mobile store with OREO. 

11. Felix Travel: React Native Travel App Template

Felix Travel React Native Travel App Template

Felix Travel is mobile React Native app template for building universal travel or booking applications. The template support many kind of booking modules like hotel reservation, tour booking, car rental, flight booking, cruise booking, shuttle bus and event booking. 

The template provides a rich and versatile react native UI KIT. You can choose from 100+ React Native sample screens and 40+ reusable React Native components. 

12. Food Delivery: React Native Template

Food Delivery App

Food Delivery is a component-based application template for React Native. The application has more than 25 React Native components, 50 React Native screen containers and the visual design can easily be customized.

You can choose from two versions of the application:

  • Food Delivery Pro: built with React Native CLI 0.62
  • Food Delivery Expo: built with Expo SDK 37

This powerful React Native starter kit saves you hours of development so you can focus on what makes your app unique. Note: this is just a UI template, no back-end functionality is included.

13. Mr. Phaman—React Native eMedical Shop

Mr Phaman

Mr. Phaman is a react native eMedical shop app template that makes buying and delivering of medicine from local pharmacies easier. It is also perfect for users in rural or isolated areas.

14. Medical & Hospital Mobile React Native App

Medical  Hospital Mobile React Native App

Medical & Hospital Mobile App helps you build mobile apps that make it easy to manage small medical practices and hospitals. This react native template project comes loaded with 15 React Native screens and it’s uses React Navigation 5. It also uses hooks, and is ready for localization. 

15. Office HR Pro

Office HR Pro

For the developers that want to build apps that simplifies all aspects of employee attendance, Office HR Pro is a react native app template will help them do just that. 

Through this mobile app template, you can use the admin dashboard to keep track of employee attendance, location, movement, manage field service operations, and vacation. Field employees can also work with the app.

The template comes with full React Native Expo source code, a database script, full documentation and more. 

5 Free React Native App Templates 

Some of the best React Native App templates are found on CodeCanyon. However, if you just want to try out some of the free options first, here are some free React Native templates that can help kick-start your project.  

1. Argon React Native

Argon  React Native

Argon React Native is an open-source, React Native app template built with Galio.io, React Native and Expo. With Argon, you can create powerful and beautiful e-commerce mobile applications. It features over 200 variations of components like buttons, inputs, cards, navigations and screens—all built to fit together and look amazing. Check out the github repo.

2. React Native Starter Kit

React Native Starter Kit

This React Native Starter Kit will help you kick-start your next project! It comes with a lot of the common react native boilerplate features. It can also help you learn React Native. It has a wide range of popular features around user registration and login, as well as popular SDK integrations, such as Firebase and Facebook. 

3. Food App Template

Food App Template

This free React Native app allows users to browse food recipes, read their description & cooking steps and visualize their ingredients. For each ingredient, users can also browse all the recipes that use that specific ingredient. The app also has support for recipe categories and comprehensive native search functionality. Additionally, all the data feed is modularized, so you can plug in your own back-end effortlessly.

4. React Native Starter

React Native Starter

React Native Starter is another template that makes it easy to start your app. This allows you to focus on coding the features that set your product apart from the competitors! This starter template comes with a number of built-in components that enable developers to develop and deploy their react native application faster and easier. 

5. React Native Walkthrough Flow

React Native Walkthrough Flow

Get started with the development of your app by downloading this beautiful fully-coded React Native walkthrough flow template. Highly-modularized, it supports an unlimited number of onboarding steps that can be added with only one line of code.

Why Use React Native Apps? 

You no longer need to build build your mobile app separately for each type of device you wanted it to run on. With React Native, on the other hand, a single code base makes it possible to build your app once and deploy it everywhere. 

With React Native app templates, your team begins their project with a solid code base, documentation, and a set of screens that can cut down on production costs immensely.

Choose Your React Native App Template 

React Native app templates available on CodeCanyon

If none of these templates are quite what you’re looking for, you can find more on CodeCanyon. 

And if you want to learn more about React Native app development, check out some of our other posts. 

Get a good overview of the React Native templates and tools that are available, and then check out how to use a React Native template in your own project.

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