10 best sleep tracker apps for Android!

Sleep as Android best sleep tracker apps for Android
A good night’s rest is very important to one’s health. Those who don’t get enough may not feel great during the day. Smartphones can help you understand why. Most sleep tracker apps let you do things like track how much sleep you get every night. Others record your snoring and some even make you put your phone in the bed to see how often you toss and turn. From there, you can go to a doctor to get help or adjust your sleep habits accordingly. In any case, these excellent sleep tracker apps should help you get started. 

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme
  2. Do I Snore or Grind
  3. Google Fit
  4. PrimeNap
  5. Sleep Better with Runtastic
  1. Sleep as Android
  2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
  3. Sleep Time
  4. SnoreLab
  5. Fitness band apps (Link to Fitbit)

You can also track your sleep with fitness trackers.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Price: Free / $4.99

Alarm Clock Xtreme has a lot going on. It’s technically an alarm clock app. However, it also comes with sleep tracking features. It features a variety of alarms. The idea is to help people who have trouble waking up by giving them a bunch of different ways to try. It’ll save what time you go to bed and wake up every morning. It’ll even analyze your sleep quality as well as quantity. They’re not what you’d think of when it comes to sleep tracker apps. However, it doesn’t do half bad.


Alarm Clock Xtreme - best sleep tracker apps for android

Do I Snore or Grind

Price: Free trial / Up to $5.99

Do I Snore or Grind is a simple sleep tracker app. It simply finds out if you snore or grind your teeth in your sleep. The free version allows for up to five nights of recording. The pro version removes that limitation. Some other features include tips on how to reduce both grinding and snoring as well as complete offline support. The app is usable in airplane mode if need be. You can use the app with your remedies to see if they’re actually effective for you or not. It won’t track your sleep as in-depth as other apps, but it can help fix some of the sleep problems you may be experiencing.


Do I Snore or Grind screenshot

Google Fit

Price: Free

Google Fit seems to do just about everything. It will track your activity, steps, calories, and even your sleep. The app is fairly basic. You just do things and enter them into the app as needed. The app then spits out your progress. The app comes with integration with a ton of other services. They include Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Sleep as Android, and several types of fitness trackers. It even works with Android Wear. It’s one of the better sleep trackers. Especially if you use it with other apps.


Google Fit screenshot 2020


Price: Free / $3.49

Words Words WordsPrimeNap is the second rebranding of this app. However, the app is mostly the same despite its new digs and name. It features detailed graphs, a sleep debt analysis chart, alarm clock functionality, and even some extra stuff like a dream journal and a noise machine function. It also boasts minimal permissions and no subscriptions, both features that we appreciate. It’s relatively new. At least compared to others on this list. However, it seems to work quite well.


PrimeNap screenshot 2020

Runtastic Sleep Better

Price: Free / $1.99

Runtastic Sleep Better is a silly name for an app. However, the app is actually pretty decent. It plugs right into Runtastic. Thus, you can use both apps to track your sleep and fitness. The app includes a sleep monitor feature, a sleep timer, and even the ability to track caffeine and alcohol intake. It lets you note your mood when you wake up as well. Like most, you’ll have to put the phone in your bed with you so it can track your sleep accurately. It’s free to download. The pro version goes for $1.99.


Runtastic Sleep Better screenshot 2020

Sleep as Android

Price: Free / Up to $3.99

This is one of the original sleep tracker apps on mobile. It’s been around long enough to mature into something really special. It’ll track your sleep cycles like normal. It also comes with support for Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), and Galaxy Gear devices. The app can also integrate with Google Fit and Samsung Health. It can play binaural tones to help you sleep. It’ll even act as an alarm clock that makes you solve a captcha before the alarm turns off. The free version is a two week free trial. After that you’ll have to pay for it.


Sleep as Android screenshot 2020

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Price: Free / $29.99 per year

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is one of the more expensive sleep tracker apps. The free version has a fair set of features. It’ll try to wake you up when it senses that you’re ready to. It also offers sleep analysis, nightly sleep graphs, and various alarms. The premium version includes additional features. Some of it, like the Philips Hue integration is for iOS only. We thought that was lame. The premium version is a $29.99 per year subscription. We dunno if it’s worth that. The free version is nice, though.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock screenshot 2020

Sleep Time

Price: Free / $29.99 per year

Sleep Time is another one of the sleep tracker apps with a subscription price. It looks pretty decent, though. It has a variety of alarm clock settings. Additionally, it comes with sleep analysis, a wake-up algorithm that tries to wake you up when it thinks you’re ready. It’ll offer up all of your stats in graphs. Those are essentially the basics. You’ll have to pay for some of the better stuff, but that’s okay. It does the basics well enough.


Sleep Time screenshot 2020


Price: Free / Up to $9.99

SnoreLab is one of the more unique sleep tracker apps. It actually doesn’t do most of the basic stuff. This one just records you snoring. It’ll detect when you do snore, log the times, and then record you doing it. It’ll also measure the intensity, frequency, and more. You can even log when you’ve been doing things like drinking to see their effects on your snoring. It’ll email the sound files to you as well for easy reference. It won’t give you graphs based on your N3 deep sleep cycle, but it’s amazing for snoring.


SnoreLab is one of the best sleep tracker apps for android

Fitness band apps

Price: Free apps / Hardware costs vary

Fitness trackers and manufacturer apps make a lot of sense. You wear things like your Fitbit almost 24/7. The app can track your sleep. Why not use it for that? These have the advantage of being made for specific hardware. That means they can generally do a pretty decent job of recording stuff. There are also other apps like Samsung Health that have the same advantages. Samsung optimizes the app for the phones they make. Thus, it may be more accurate than a third party solution. Your mileage may vary. However, you may want to try these out before seeking third party solutions.


Fitbit screenshot 2019 - best running apps

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