10 best minimal apps for Android

Minimalism in software is a long-standing tradition. Software gets more and more complicated with flashier looks and long feature lists, which means there is always a place for a good, minimal app. Minimal apps are definitely not the norm, though. Luckily, there are folks who don’t like that. The natural counter is minimalism. Minimal software is software that uses fewer resources, has a simple but functional design, and sidesteps the flashiness. Different types of apps do this in different ways. However, there are plenty of good options here. Here are the best minimal apps for Android.

The best minimal apps for Android

  1. Browser: Brave Browser
  2. Email: Aqua Mail
  3. Notes: FiiNote
  4. Launcher: Niagara Launcher (or Olauncher)
  5. Weather: Overdrop
  1. Keyboard: Simple Keyboard
  2. Miscellany: Simple Mobile Tools
  3. File browser: Solid Explorer
  4. Text app: Textra
  5. Wallpaper: Zedge

Browser: Brave Browser

Price: Free
Brave Browser screenshot 2021