10 best excel apps and spreadsheet apps for Android!

Microsoft Excel best excel apps and spreadsheet apps
The spreadsheet is a powerful tool for a lot of professions. You can organize your data, input more, and it scales up surprisingly well. There are whole classes for spreadsheets because you can do so much with them. There are a lot of options for mobile users. Of course, there are the big two, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Those are the two we recommend to just about everybody. There are still other options in case those two don’t work for you. Here are the best excel apps (spreadsheet apps) for Android!

  1. AndrOpen Office
  2. Docs To Go
  3. Google Sheets
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. OfficeSuite
  1. Polaris Office
  2. Quip
  3. SmartOffice
  4. Table Notes
  5. WPS Office

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AndrOpen Office

Price: Free

AndrOpen Office is the first official mobile port of OpenOffice. It features a bunch of things, including a word processor, a spreadsheet function, a presentation function, and a few extras. You can even draw and do math in this thing. We’re here to talk about the spreadsheet functionality. It’s surprisingly good for a mobile app and it competes favorably with the big dogs even if it doesn’t have every single feature. You can import Microsoft Excel files (XLS and XLT) which makes switching over relatively simple. It’s an excellent alternative to Google’s and Microsoft’s solutions.


Docs To Go

Price: Free / Up to $14.99

Docs To Go is a relatively okay option for mobile office use. It covers the basics, including a word processor, a worksheet function, and a presentations function. The spreadsheet side of things supports Microsoft Office files and it’s relatively customizable and usable for most simpler tasks. It boasts 111 different functions, various column customization, and sorting. The app seems to struggle with some more complicated styling you may have imported from other apps, but again it works for the simple stuff.


Google Sheets

Price: Free

Google Sheets is one of the two biggest competitors in the spreadsheet space on mobile. It attaches to Google Drive, features cross-platform support (via the web), is compatible with Microsoft Office files, and it has a ton of functionality. We’re particularly fond of its collaborative features so multiple people can work on the same spreadsheet at the same time in real time. Additionally, it boasts a ton of functions and customization. We still think Excel is the more powerful spreadsheet app. However, Google Sheets is vastly more accessible and easier to get into for new folks. It’s entirely free to use with Google Drive unless you need more than 15GB of space, then you have to pay for it.


Microsoft Excel

Price: Free / $6.99-$9.99 per month / $149.99 once (for the desktop version)

Microsoft Excel is arguably the best of the best when it comes to spreadsheets. It’s super powerful, tons of businesses already use it for work, and you can find a ton of resources on how to use it online. The mobile version is free for simple stuff but you do need a Microsoft 365 subscription to unlock the best stuff. There is an option to pay once, but it’s only for the desktop apps. The subscription isn’t overly expensive for personal use and the family plan ($9.99 per month) is a surprisingly good bargain for households.


Microsoft Excel screenshot


Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $29.99 per year

OfficeSuite is one of the original Microsoft Office and Google Drive competitors on mobile. It’s been around for a long time and has a bunch of features along with a full office experience. The spreadsheet portion isn’t bad at all and it includes support for stuff like Excel files and more. In terms of pure usability, it’s surprisingly good although the free version is a bit dry on features. The $4.99 per month (or $29.99 per year) subscription removes ads, adds 154 document formats, and unlocks two dozen additional features. The good news is the license is good for both mobile (Android and iOS) and PC so you only have to pay for it one time.


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Polaris Office

Price: Free / Up to $5.99 per month / Up to $29.99 per year

Polaris Office is another older and more mature alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Drive. It’s been around for ages and has a bunch of features, including support for Excel file types if you want to go that route. You can use the spreadsheet function for a bunch of stuff, including graphs and various other functions. The app also has a delightful and relatively modern Material Design UI. The premium version is front loaded such that it encourages users heavily to go with the yearly subscription over the monthly one and the app itself has a few bugs. Otherwise, it’s a solid option.



Price: Free / $10 per person per month

Quip is an excellent option for businesses. It has a decent number of modern features for its price tag, including the ability to edit documents with other people and chat with them through the app directly. It boasts over 400 functions for its spreadsheets and it lets you embed any spreadsheet in any document. All of its pricing is geared for businesses users, but you can use it for personal use as well.



Price: Free

SmartOffice has been around a while and it’s one of the more mature excel apps. The app’s list of features is quite long and its spreadsheet functionality is pretty decent. It’s not quite as powerful or as pretty as many of its competitors. It is entirely free so you get what you pay for. We still think Google Sheets is better, but this one is a good alternative, especially if you want to edit things offline. It uses Dropbox and Google Drive as its cloud storage so you don’t have to pay for any. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s accessible and should work well for many folks.


Table Notes

Price: Free / $2 per month / $13.99 per year / $26.99 once

Table Notes is something a bit different. Most spreadsheet apps are a part of a larger office suite. Table Notes is not an office app. It’s actually something closer to a note taking app with spreadsheet functionality. It’s super simple so it won’t blow your mind with its hundreds and hundreds of functions. What it will do is let you add things like photos, audio, and drawings. It supports signatures, dates, and times. Finally, it does let you input mathematical formulas for some deeper integration. We like that the app has a single price tag instead of only a subscription, but it does hide a lot of its features (including the ability to import Excel documents) in its pro version. It’s good overall, though.


WPS Office

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

WPS Office was long heralded as the best free office app. It’s still mostly free but these days you have to pay for some extra stuff (and removing ads) with a subscription. In terms of functionality, it keeps up with the pack with a bunch of various functions, support for Microsoft Excel, and some modern touches like integration with Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive. Most of the app’s complaints are about its advertising in the free version. The complaints are warranted because the ads are annoying, but otherwise the app does what it promises.


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